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Alignment Bay

Top of the Line Equipment

Our install bay is rated top 5 in the country in terms of effectiveness. It features Hunter State of the art technology suitable for any vehicle.

Truck Alignment

Wheel Alignment is done at the time brand-new tires are set up, or used tires are purchased. These tires can then easily be checked with your regular tire rotation. Falls Truck Center in Wichita Falls can rotate, balance, and align all of your tires with ease. Wheels must be lined up correctly to keep suitable control of your car. Wheels that are out of position could cause driving to become difficult in addition to cause uneven ware on the tires. When your wheels are properly lined up, your car will offer a much smoother ride. Wheel Alignment as well as tire balancing and rotation could expand the life of your tires, and boost the total safety of your vehicle. An effectively aligned automobile may enhance performance as well as increase fuel economy.